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Craziest womyn cat-loving dream. ever.

I text messaged a bunch of people this morning about my dream last night, so sorry if you’ve already heard this. So basically, last night I dreamt that I was holding a cat who I just adored. I’m not sure how I knew this cat, but I did and we were soul mates. I was cradling it like a baby on my chest. Then it sat on my head for a minute, which I thought was really cute and funny ’cause, like, when does a cat ever sit on someone’s head? Pretty soon after the cat’s departure, I discovered that my shirt was covered in blood. No, the cat did not claw the shit out of me – it was cat menstrual blood! That damned cat had menstruated all over my shirt and even a little bit on my favorite hat! I was totally pissed and gave the cat bitch eye, hoping that it would know how disappointed I was in its behavior. Then I proceeded to Oxyclean my hat and find a new outfit to wear, which was pretty difficult as my closet was filled only with old clothes from high school. WTF!?!