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Marimite + Bleak House = Good Shit

My computer broke last week and I’m still waiting for the new one to show up. Incidentally, I feel pretty out of the loop lately – I miss my RSS feeds, which are pretty much how I keep on top of all the breaking news in feminist / librarian blogsphere. So today I’m just going to plug some shows that have been on my mind.

It was recently announced that one of my favorite shows, Maria-Sama ga Miteru (or Mary Watches Over Us), has been licensed for release in the US as well as being OK-ed for a fourth season. In anticipation, I’ve been re-watching the series and I got to say, Marimite is one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever seen on multiple levels. Visually, its stunning. The animators were obviously bringing their A-game with this one. The music is hauntingly Catholic – beautiful, but a little overbearing at the same time. I am not Catholic or religious in any sense, but I do have a fascination with the physical beauty of Catholic churches and iconography.

But the real reason I think this show is amazing to me is that it is not about ridiculous and twisted plots involving aliens or ghosts or medical rooms, but about girls loving one another. Not in a sexual way, although there are plenty of yuri moments and a lesbian main character, but mostly these ladies just care so much for each other. There are no evil villians; characters who seem antagonistic at first are then revealed to be complex, caring individuals. This is a show about relationships that are complicated and sometimes heartbreaking. I think sometimes I’m a little ADD – I’ll watch tv and surf the internet at the same time. Which is why it is so impressive that this is one of the few shows that completely captures my attention.

I’ve been on a Charles Dickens kick lately. I am pretty close to finishing A Tale of Two Cities, and am also in the process of watching the BBC’s Bleak House (not the old one, but the new one with Gillian Anderson). Although I am enjoying it, I really get the impression that I should have read Bleak House before watching the movie. Sort of like how Fingersmith was a pretty good movie, but it doesn’t really have anything on the book. One thing: Can we talk about that dude’s hair and moustache? You know which guy I’m talking about…


Craziest womyn cat-loving dream. ever.

I text messaged a bunch of people this morning about my dream last night, so sorry if you’ve already heard this. So basically, last night I dreamt that I was holding a cat who I just adored. I’m not sure how I knew this cat, but I did and we were soul mates. I was cradling it like a baby on my chest. Then it sat on my head for a minute, which I thought was really cute and funny ’cause, like, when does a cat ever sit on someone’s head? Pretty soon after the cat’s departure, I discovered that my shirt was covered in blood. No, the cat did not claw the shit out of me – it was cat menstrual blood! That damned cat had menstruated all over my shirt and even a little bit on my favorite hat! I was totally pissed and gave the cat bitch eye, hoping that it would know how disappointed I was in its behavior. Then I proceeded to Oxyclean my hat and find a new outfit to wear, which was pretty difficult as my closet was filled only with old clothes from high school. WTF!?!